Katerina Samoilis - UX Designer
User Experience Designer
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Teaching UX at General Assembly

Teaching UX at General Assembly


General Assembly is a global education organisation teaching practical technology skills such as data science, web/mobile development and user experience design. Their curriculum greatly attracts professionals looking to expand their skills and/or redirect their career.


As an instructor associate, I provided support to the instructional lead and students of the User Experience Design Immersive course. This included offering constructive feedback during critiques and presentations, presenting and demonstrating how to use industry standard UX design software, and giving 1:1 advice to students when needed. It also involved coordinating logistical aspects of the course such as updating curriculum material, assigning and checking homework, monitoring attendance and sharing additional UX content/articles with students.


During this time I developed a deep understanding of adult learning techniques and the GA teaching philosophy. Most importantly, I contributed to the professional and personal development of the UXDi students, achieving high graduation rates and aiding in their successful career redirection, in companies such as ASOS and Firebox. I  also received excellent performance feedback both from the GA course producers and students.

As you can see, I also took some great pictures!